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FEBUARY - MARCH 1988. PLENTY OF COOKING AND TIPS. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL ME. <p> TO SAVE ON POSTAGE CHECK OUT OUR OTHER AUCTIONS ON AUCTIVA SHOWCASE AND PLEASE EMAIL FOR QUOTES ON POSTAGE (SHIPPING) BEFORE END OF AUCTION. <p> IT IS IN THE INTEREST OF THE BIDDER TO PLEASE EMAIL WITH ANY QUESTIONS AS WE SELL A LARGE VERIETY OF ITEMS AS FOUND WE ARE NOT EXPERTS IN EVERY FIELD SO THERE WILL BE NO REFUND. AND WE WILL TRY TO GIVE AS MUCH HONEST INFORMATION AS WE ARE ABLE TO.<p> AUSTRALIAN BIDDERS (1) cash sent registered mail (2) personal cheque (3) money order (4) direct deposit INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS (1) U.S. cash sent registered mail there are NO exchange fees. (2) I will accept INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS but there is a charge of $6.50USD to cover bank charges. PLEASE NOTE: other forms of payment do have exchange fees please email for quotes. All contact to be made by 5 days and payments to be made within 20 days or appropiate feedback will be given. <p>

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